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The aim of this website is to help you to plan your golf trip to Iceland. It has information about all the golf courses in Iceland particular the 18 hole golf courses. It also provides information about tourist operators such as airlines, hotels, car rentals, coach operators, restaurants, sightseeing etc.  You can also find information on how to book tee times at the golf courses and of course you are welcome to contact us at any time, if in need of further assistance. In addition we have a separate page with information about various golfing events in Iceland and special packages which are on offer.

Playing golf in Iceland is an adventure you'll remember for a lifetime. Do you think playing golf at midnight surrounded by lava fields sound too strange to be true? Not in Iceland! Midnight golf is available in summer due to Iceland's northerly location, and one-tenth of Iceland's surface is adorned with lava. Sweeping mountains and majestic ocean views characterises Icelandic golf courses, which follow the contours of the naturally dramatic landscape, a popular trend in golf course design today. Their design pays tribute to the first golf courses in Scotland - the home of golf.

Based on the information from this website you are able to plan everything from a short golfing break to a longer duration of a stay with a combination of golf and various activities Iceland has to offer.

Midnight golf

Midnight golf 

Due to Iceland’s northerly location, the country experiences 24 hours of sunlight every day over the summer months of June and July. This means that golfers are able to go out and play golf whenever they feel during the day or night.  Midnight golf in Iceland is an incredible golfing experience which many golfers from around the world comes to enjoy. Somehow the golf courses, landscape and the atmosphere is different when you are playing in the night.

Midnight golf in Iceland can be enjoyed both on eighteen hole golf courses and nine hole golf courses.  To be able to play you have to book the midnight golf in advance at the golf course. Some golf courses might limit the time they allow midnight golf due to the possibilities of offering service like open club house and restaurant.

There are some  very interesting Midnight Golf Open Tournaments during the summer in Iceland and you can find them on this page under: Next Upcoming Events




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