Golf Iceland is a trade association for golf and tourism. It was founded in spring 2008 by most of the 18 hole golf courses in Iceland, The Golf Union of Iceland, The IcelandicTourist Board and several of the largest tourist operators in Iceland.

The task of Golf Iceland is to be a joint platform for marketing of golf and tourism for Iceland internationally. Golf Iceland has also the task of informing various parties abroad about golf and tourism in Iceland. Golf Iceland is not a business partner, it is a facilitator for foreign golfers and Icelandic golf courses and other interest parties.

The members have joined forces to create this website to give you the best possible information available about golf in Iceland.

The members are besides the golf courses as follows:

  • Air Iceland (domestic airline).
  • Holdur (car rental).
  • Iceland Travel (travel agency).
  • Icelandair (international airline).
  • Icelandair Hotels (hotel chain).
  • Radisson Blu Saga Hotel (hotel chain).
  • Reykjavík Excursions (travel agency).
  • The Golf Union of Iceland.
  • The Icelandic Tourist Board.